Cheap 2 Seater Sofas for Sale in the UK - Prices Start from Just £139

We have an excellent range of 2 seater sofas and prices start at just under £150, these gorgeous sofas offer tremendous value for money whilst also being in a wide variety of colours so you are sure to find one which will match your decor.

Cheap 2 Seat Sofas

All available for under £150 our cheapest 2 seater sofas are perfect for those on a budget. Need a larger sofa? Then take a look at this cheap 3 seater sofa, a quality fabric sofa.

2 Seater Leather Sofas

Leather oozes style, elegance and they are mighty comfortable too. Don't fancy any of the above sofas? Then why not invest in this stunning 2 piece cream leather suite, 2 comfy sofas for one fantastic price!

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You can't beat a bargain and these 2 seater sofa deals offer excellent value for money. One of our best selling 2 seat sofas is this cream one or take a look at this incredibly priced deal.

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3 Seater Sofas for Sale - Quality Three Seater Sofas at Fantastic Prices

Need more seating space in your living room? Then our collection of 3 seater sofas for sale are available in a wide variety of styles and colours, prices begin at just £245 for a stunning three seater sofa. Browse our latest additions below.

Cheap 3 Seat Sofas

Available from just £199 you will struggle to find a better deal on a 3 seater sofa. One of my favourites is the red leather sofa (featured above) or this selection of 3 seater fabric sofas.

Leather 3 Seater Sofas

Don't fancy any of the leather 3 seat sofas above? Then why not go for something a little more modern, personally I like this brown leather corner sofa, it can comfortably seat 5 people!

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We love a bargain so we have collected some of our finest offers (above).... If you still can't find a 3 seater leather sofa you like then don't worry because we have plenty more.

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Armchairs for Sale - Cheap Armchairs and Matching Sofa Suites

To complete your living or family room you will need a relaxing armchair and we have a fine selection of quality armchairs available at cheap prices. Available from under £150, these gorgeous armchairs would be a lovely addition to any home.

Cheap Armchairs under £200

All these cheap armchairs are available for under £200, add them to your lounge, bedroom or home office. Why not take a look at this modern 2 piece suite, it comes with a sofa and an armchair.

Leather Armchairs

Leather sofas are great but there is always the chance someone will encroach on our space. Solve that problem with our selection of reclining leather armchairs, perfect for relaxing after a hard day.

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Don't fancy one of leather reclining armchairs or cheaper versions? Then no need to worry because we have organized some of our best offers on a huge range of armchairs.

We update our range of sofas for sale every day so be sure to check back to take a look at our newest offers, you can take a look at our latest additions below.

Black Leather Corner Sofa - Click Here to View Deal


A stunning black leather couch that is sure to fit any living room. Its long enough to lay on and yet is perfect for a get-together of friends and family. Black pillows fit for comfort and fashionably chic. Its perfect to go around a little coffee table. A wonderful set up for snacks during football [...]

Faux Leather 2 Seater Sofas - Click Here to View Deal


The Melbury two seater is a fabulous and charming sofa that is made from faux leather and features chenille fabric cushions that are trimmed in exquisite colour piping. At a fabulous price, this sofa is extremely chic.

In a sophisticated brown colour with comfortable cushions, you sit back and relax. The Melbury will impress guests and [...]

Palma Brown 3 Seater Sofas - Click Here to View Deal


For a beautiful leather three seater sofa, have a look at this fabulous Palma sofa. In a modern and chic style, this sofa is guaranteed to impress. With plump comfortable cushions, you will be able to relax all the time.

Upholstered in the best quality leather, this brown sofa is a must have for any modern [...]

Cheap 2 Seater Sofas - Click Here to View Deal


For a simple yet sophisticated sofa, the Miami two seater is the perfect choice for any modern environment. In a fabulous brown with contrasting metal legs, this modernly designed sofa is obvious.

Finished in 100% top quality cotton, this sofa features an impressive foam filled back and durable seat cushions for the ultimate comfort. At a [...]

Black 2 Seater Sofas - Click Here to View Deal


Unsure what black sofa to go for? Why not purchase the Miami two seater? This fabulous sofa is a highly compact black sofa that is upholstered in top quality cotton. With contrasting metal legs to add a little chic, the Miami is perfect.

In a sleek contemporary style, this sofa also has a foam filled back [...]

Brown Chenille Sofa - Click Here to View Deal


The Melbury three seater sofa is all about luxury. Its neutral browns fit with most color schemes and the contrasting piping and gorgeous curved frame can work its way into many classic design styles. The black floral design pillows bookending its comfortable chenille interior are striking and serve well as an accent piece or talking [...]

Leather 3 Seater Sofas - Click Here to View Deal


Fancy a leather sofa? If youre unsure which to choose, then why not go for the Caspian? The Caspian is one of the most popular and stylish sofas to date. Upholstered in black leather with contrasting timber high legs, this sofa is extremely chic.

At a great price, the Caspian also features high comfort levels [...]

Fabric 3 Seater Sofas - Click Here to View Deal


The New York three seater sofa is a sofa that combines style and comfort. If you are looking to jazz up your home, then this fabulous charcoal coloured sofa is perfect. Upholstered in 100% chenille fabric, the New York sofa is perfect.

With solid wood feet for extra style and fibre filled cushions for comfort, the [...]

Faux Leather Fabric Sofa - Click Here to View Deal


The Durham two seater fabric sofa is a piece of furniture to be proud of. Not only does it look good with just about any decor, it also is very comfortable to sit on. You can not go wrong with adding this luxury sofa to your furniture collection. It is a great buy for any [...]

Chenille Fabric Sofa - Click Here to View Deal


The New York 3 Seater sofa can tie together any room. The 100% polyester chenille fabric give this sofa a great look, and surprising durability. The cushions are reversible to double their life. The feet are made of a dark stained wood, which accents the beige of the sofa nicely.

This versatile piece of furniture is [...]